Reinvent yourself Tuesday

Hello everyone!! In today’s blog, I want to touch a subject that it concerns me personally, what is it? My appearance, my body especially.  This is a subject that most of my family and friends don’t know I struggle with, the stereotypes, the “you have to look this way or that way”, what size are you?! Etc, it’s just annoying to be honest.

Before I saw this video, Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History (find it on , I hated myself, and hatred is a strong word and can do things to your heart, mind and soul.  Was not until I let myself go on God’s hands that I learned how to accept myself.  As a mother of 2 beautiful kids, I wanted to be 125 pounds again, but then I realized (after watching another video, and the help and support of my husband) that I am beautiful, I might not be 90-60-90 (or whatever the measurement for a perfect body is), but I am an astounding 155, 5’3, curvy- petite lady, that has learned that no matter what size I am, or tall, skin color, etc, God made me this way, and the scars I have are worthy, there is nothing wrong with me or you my beloved reader.  At all this I do things to keep myself healthy, and active, to you that will be my advice.

I hope you liked this post.  If you did comment below and leave your questions.

See you tomorrow!!


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6 thoughts on “Reinvent yourself Tuesday

  1. I love that video! I always struggled with being flat chested. I’m not willing to get plastic surgery and there’s no amount of anything that will help me in that department, so I’ve learned to accept it and love it. I figure at least I have nothing to sag and try to look on the bright side. Thanks for sharing!!


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