«Share Wednesday»

Hi everyone!! In today’s blog, I’m going to share a little bit about my style.  But first, I want to say that everything goes together, spirit, mind and body.  So in that sense, here is a great blog I read today that would like to share http://middleplaces.com/2015/02/04/feel-forgotten/.

Hope you guys enjoyed it as I did.  Moving on to mind, I think on how busy I’m going to be that day and then I put my wardrobe together, being a mom always on the go , I choose pieces that are practical, wild factor and if I’m feeling fancy (but not like the song from iggy) something coture.


Now let’s move on to body.  To me it is very important to feel good inside and out, so for my skin I drink water, use lotions specific for my skin type, try to stay active, but I think my friend Maria Hass can tell you more on that and how to be careful on this subject http://confessions1st.com/blog/dem-carbs/.  After all this I get ready and go about my day. 
”  I have to say there’s no secret on taking care of yourself to look your best.”

As I said, I’m a mom, wife, daycare provider, so no matter how busy is your life, you can achieve the look you want without braking the bank.

Hoping that you liked this post.  If you did comment below and see you tomorrow!!
See you ✨✨

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10 thoughts on “«Share Wednesday»

  1. I must say, I really love these outfits! I’m very fussy too, but I think they would look great and put out the style I want to display now. (Doing a whole overhaul, from my soul to my office to my clothes!)


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