Spring Haul

                 Hello everyone!!!

   I hope you are doing fantastic, and enjoying spring, I am!! Well let’s get to business, shall we?!! 


    Recently I came across 2 things, great savings online for my kids homeschooling program and awesome sales on 2 stores.  I have to say I was not looking for this deals, they just appeared, but I’m always eyes peeled to search for any coupons. 


  Is my norm, that if I know shopping needs to be done for any reason, birthdays,  special occasions, etc, before I leave the house, I check for coupons, or an app.  Most of the places have online coupons, or you are already on their mailing list, if you have all of the above, use them this way:  let’s say I need a gift, this is the plan I use,
1.  I think where I want to go
2.  What kind of item I want to purchase
3.  Look and see if I have a physical coupon, online coupon or savings card
4.  After I have all the coupons ready proceed to go to the store.

  After I do all this it not just saves me time, it saves money (of course), and I have spared time to do other things.  And now you are done with your shopping, you have saved money and time and everybody is happy, especially your pocket. 

  Now I want to share some of the items I have recently acquired using this strategy,  so if I can do it so can you!!!
*Disclaimer:  I am not an extreme couponer (that is my dream), I just have found the way to use the coupons that are out there, I think that’s the reason they do it, is for us as customers to use them.

  So here is some of the items I got.  First I visit Fred Meyers, and got this cute dresses for $18 and $30 respectively.
Here is the first one:


And the second:


   This next items, I got at Kohls, and they were 50% to 60% off, I paid $16 and $19 each purse.


    So to finish this post, I have to say I spend less than $100 on all this, and on my next post I’ll show you how to get the maximum out of your wardrobe.  Before Im done I wanted also to share a website that as I mentioned, it helped me, and its called http://www.goodsearch.com/ amazing coupons, I used this site to get a coupon for my kids homeschooling program, it has more, more, so if you shop online, check it out, I love it, and I’ll be using it again soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. 

See you soon,


Spring on a budget


   Hello everyone!!! I know it’s been a long tone but, IM BACK!!

   on today’s blog I’m gonna talk about a few of my experiences lately on some retailers that I have grow to love.   One of them being:


   I can’t tell you enough how much I love this place, even though I have been there just once, but nevertheless, I found in this place my new eyeshadow that I’m obsessed with, it has everything and it cost me $4.50, it’s very convenient for me that I need to have something on my purse for just in case.

   My other place that I love (maybe because I found my new cheek color there and its so cute and tiny, and a new lip color, I’ll post the picture down), it’s:


Yesterday was one of those days that I needed to shop, buy something, but I didn’t just spend the money, I wanted something that I could use right away,  that also was under $10 (because that was all I had on me), So I proceeded to browse around with my friend Maria from confessions 1st (go check out her blog), and as we talked and complained about life and trying to keep the kids from destroying the store, we came upon a little banquet or baskets with cute little things in it so we looked and I gotta tell you fellas, it felt like Christmas in April, so we found this:


Eyeliners(2), blushes(2) and lipstick,  all for $4.75, so all you see in this picture cost me $9.25, and still had some change for gum.  I was very happy and excited that I wanted to go back for more, but I couldn’t, next time!!

  My point here is, go with a plan and conquer!!!

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See you guys soon,


Fresh start!!


      Hi everyone!!!  It’s been a while since I have posted anything,  and I want to apologize for that, life has gotten a little bit interesting, but nevertheless I’m here!!!! Again and my idea for this time around I hope you like it, tell your friends and follow me 😘😘.

      So what is my idea for this time around you will ask?! Well, I’m 0planning videos, going around the stores and finding deals, putting outfits together, picking my faves, etc.

      This post it’s gonna be just an introductory to the new things that are about to come, I’m gonna be more responsible on posting and keeping things rolling!! And I’m really excited about it, hopefully you too!!!

And remember be fabulous!!!


“One defying moment”


   Hi everyone!!!!  On today’s blog, we are not gonna talk about deals, fashion, trends, etc, we gonna get personal.  You will ask what am I talking about?! I’ll explain, I was given the opportunity to share today on a” blog party”, and the host asked for an specific topic which is” One defying moment”, so this blog I’m gonna share which one was it for me.

  2006 was a year that started a little rough for me, but I didn’t know that everything would work put for the better just a few short months down the road, I come from an island, and for us is a little more difficult to get certain things, I was struggling at college because of funds and to be honest that last semester I thought it was it for me, without a job or the funds to finish my career I decided that I was gonna call it quits instill I could find a job to keep on going, but God never sees to amaze me, so right at the middle of my 3rd semester, we got a visitor, a family friend, more like my brother’s classmate, she had recently got an amazing opportunity to travel to the USA, as an student and found a job, so as I listen to their conversation, I got the idea of asking her if I could apply, but then I thought “no this opportunity is for him” , but I saw that he was not interested, so I took the bold decision on asking her, just like Jacob did to Esau (just in this case I’m the oldest and my brother rejected the older), So after getting the info I went ahead and all that was requested from me, but at some point I stoped and asked myself “is this what you really want? !”,  “how about your carrer?”  “Your family, the church? “, all very valid questions but at the sane time I looked back and say”  there’s nothing for me here, I almost finished my semester and after that, what?! I haven’t found a job to even help me!!!” So was at that point that I was 100% on board with the changes that waited me in this great land.  So I pack up one carry on and a back pack, and took my chances, besides God has my back!! I took a leap of faith, like Abraham, he left everything and trusted God on hid life, so did I, and I haven’t regret it.  Just a few short years after being here I met my husband and now we are married for 6 years, 2 kids, and a lot of dreams. 

  Just to conclude and wrap this up, I wish this has been helpful and encouraging to your life, trust God, listen to his voice, maybe you are going true a very difficult, dark, maybe don’t see that there’s anywhere to turn, but I’m telling you for experience: “He’s got you!!.”

  I hope that God has spoken to your life thru this words, have an amazing day, and see you next time.