It has been a great summer!!

Hello everyone!! It has been a long, beautiful, blessed summer.   We had the opportunity to travel, see different things, check out different shopping spots, save some $$$ that is always a plus.  But let’s get on it, in our travel I read on another blog about authenticity on certain brands of you are on a budget so you don’t get ripped off, one day after reading this article got me curious and I put this theory to test at one of this stores.  In our visit to Chicago, we visited Michigan city outlet malls, I was very impressed, I have visited other malls through America, and this one was very complete for my taste, so going back to the article, in this article (and I apologize I didn’t save it so I could share the source), the writer is a fashion guru, and she said that in her experience writing and comparing brands for over 20 years there are a lot of things that she was not impressed, one of them being the so called “Outlet stores” this called my attention very much, tgdvreason being is that where I live seems we are getting more and more stores bit one of this stores is an actual “Outlet”, to honest I was intrigued and I wanted to go, but I don’t even go to their regular priced store, not because I don’t like the store is that I never seem to find anything I like and it’s way overpriced, so after reading that this particular “Outlet store” has a discounted line that they make exclusively for this store, it lost my respect, you do what is necessary but, I felt that it was false advertising, in the sense that people go to this outlets to buy what it wasn’t sold from last collection, or is out of style, but to rip you out like that is not cool, but nevertheless, I went and checked other store that she did mentioned, this one being coach, she said and I quote:” from all the stores that I have seen that does not do a “discounted line” is coach, I’d just too expensive for them to do that, so when you are getting something from their “outlet” is real”, I did try this, I went to them first loved the store, the team, they loved on us so much that it was unbelievable, I also went to MK, all I’m gonna say was that the quality was not good at all, price was not worth it, the clothes were ok, but nothing that I can’t get anywhere else way cheaper, so with that being said I proof by myself her theory, I got myself 2 beautiful purses with endless uses for half of the price I would’ve paid here in my town and I paid taxes on it, so I was very impressed!!


This is the store.


Another picture.


And this is what I got from the store @coach.

So overall I was very happy with all the shopping I did, we created memories, met awesome people, and also met my first fan, she is a gorgeous mother of 2 beautiful kids, we talked so much and thanks to her I’m gonna keep on going, it is very rewarding when you can help someone even if it’s just a little bit, her name is Mary Santiago, from Indiana, kisses and hugs for you sweetie, thank you!!

Well I just wanted to sum my summer in one post since it took me forever to write about it, so enjoy your night and God bless you!!

Remember stay Fabulous.

Ciao, Penelope

Be fabulous!!