See you later 2016!!

    Hi everyone!!  I just wanted to post one last time here.  No I’m not leaving the blogging world just yet, its that this year has been hard to keep up with.  I’m not gonna talk about politics or how messed up is this world right now, I’m referring to all the challenges that we encounter this year.  So far everyone that I have spoken to has have some sort of ordeal to overcome, so if that was you I understand!!  

So This year also good, I found great deals, did some other cool stuff, lost focus on many, but overall everyone is doing good and everyone is happy, which is the most important of all.

I’m gonna give you a piece of advice though, if in this year you  didn’t travel, or ate that cheesecake, guess what!! DO IT!! mind you if you are lactose intolerant or have any other conditions that prevent you from having that piece of heaven wrap out on sugary goodness then DON’T!! but what I mean is, LIVE!!! LIVE!!! Because you know what? when you are gone from this earth you cant take your car with ya, or your house, or your degree, so LIVE!!  that’s my word for you coming this 2017.  And hopefully you gonna see that reflected on me.  I plan on going to places and sharing them with you guys.

A big thank you for all your support, comments, and overall faithfulness to this amateur writer.  If you would’ve tell me that I was gonna go thru all that I did this year , I would’ve laugh at your face, but I’m also very adventurous person so I would’ve said: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!.”

So  I’m saying goodbye for now, see y’all in a year!! I mean in 2017!!


Penelope Santiago


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