My Favorite season is Spring!!

      Hello Everyone!!

   On today’s blog I want to talk about my favorite season of all SPRING!!   Why do I love spring, well because is a pre-game to summer.  Well I have to say that those of us that live where it takes us months in cold weather, we might be a little behind on this, but nevertheless I walk around and see color, patterns, flowers, and our days are less gray and more sunny.  So even though it might not be spring quite yet, that does not mean that we can’t go and browse around and get inspired by the colors that this season have to offer.

   Recently on my quest of looking for what the stores have to offer for this season I stopped at one of the local stores here in town, you might know this store and if you don’t I suggest you stop by, this store is Lulu e bebe here in Anchorage.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored or paid post by this establishment, I do my own research, I do have permission from the owner and staff to publish names and pictures.

  At Lulu e bebe, I had the pleasure  of chatting with Chloe, she showed me around and pointed out her favorite outfits for this season, we got lost talking about how trends have changed and proceed to talk to Lulu Roberts, Owner of Lulu e bebe, I love the color they chose for this season.  Here is some pictures and ideas for spring.

Collage 2017-02-13 20_41_29.jpg




Collage 2017-02-13 21_56_00.jpg

I truly love spring!! 

Spring reminds me that is a new year, a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, be the best you can be, do things that you didn’t know on doing, experiment with different things, try color.    The purpose of this blog is to help you find not just what is trendy but also make you want to take risks, life is all about those right!  As you can see I’m passionate about this season, no matter where you live, which country you are, be that one person that shine among the others.  

Also I want to tell you where to find good deals.  Currently Lulu e bebe has a buy one get one 75% off certain exclusions apply, go check them out, also most stores that I have visited have sales on shoes, which this is when I buy my shoes for the rest of the year, recently Target had a great sale on shoes, clothes and electronics, Khols also has great deals on men formal wear, casual and accessories.  I recommend that you always be on the lookout for deals but in my experience between the last week of January and the month of February stores always want to get rid off stuff from Christmas and valentines day, so keep on the look out, have your coupons ready and your apps sharp and happy shopping.

I hope you liked this post, I surely enjoyed it!! Also Stay tuned for our first giveaway coming soon, make sure you are subscribed to this blog and comment.  As always follow us on Facebook and twitter, share it with your friends and let us know how do you keep “Fabulous on a Budget.”

And remember ” Be fab without braking the bank!”


Penelope Santiago




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