Hi everyone!!!

     Welcome to another post of fabulous on a budget.   Today I was approach by the owner of Lulu e Bebe here in Anchorage Alaska, to share some deals they have currently online, they have a private group that once you are accepted, which is supper fast, comment with your email on the picture of the item you want, and size.  The sale is valid this weekend so hurry and enjoy this great prices tha t won’t last long.  Also I have to say that shipping is available, further description is on the groups pinned post.  And now without further a do, here is a sneak peek of the deals:

     I hope you enjoyed this short post, I’m gonna try to keep up bringing you deals and sales, from local vendors to vintage shops.  Have fun shopping and please feel free to share, comment and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

     See you soon and remember:

“Be fab without breaking the bank!!”



Spring Haul

                 Hello everyone!!!

   I hope you are doing fantastic, and enjoying spring, I am!! Well let’s get to business, shall we?!! 


    Recently I came across 2 things, great savings online for my kids homeschooling program and awesome sales on 2 stores.  I have to say I was not looking for this deals, they just appeared, but I’m always eyes peeled to search for any coupons. 


  Is my norm, that if I know shopping needs to be done for any reason, birthdays,  special occasions, etc, before I leave the house, I check for coupons, or an app.  Most of the places have online coupons, or you are already on their mailing list, if you have all of the above, use them this way:  let’s say I need a gift, this is the plan I use,
1.  I think where I want to go
2.  What kind of item I want to purchase
3.  Look and see if I have a physical coupon, online coupon or savings card
4.  After I have all the coupons ready proceed to go to the store.

  After I do all this it not just saves me time, it saves money (of course), and I have spared time to do other things.  And now you are done with your shopping, you have saved money and time and everybody is happy, especially your pocket. 

  Now I want to share some of the items I have recently acquired using this strategy,  so if I can do it so can you!!!
*Disclaimer:  I am not an extreme couponer (that is my dream), I just have found the way to use the coupons that are out there, I think that’s the reason they do it, is for us as customers to use them.

  So here is some of the items I got.  First I visit Fred Meyers, and got this cute dresses for $18 and $30 respectively.
Here is the first one:


And the second:


   This next items, I got at Kohls, and they were 50% to 60% off, I paid $16 and $19 each purse.


    So to finish this post, I have to say I spend less than $100 on all this, and on my next post I’ll show you how to get the maximum out of your wardrobe.  Before Im done I wanted also to share a website that as I mentioned, it helped me, and its called amazing coupons, I used this site to get a coupon for my kids homeschooling program, it has more, more, so if you shop online, check it out, I love it, and I’ll be using it again soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. 

See you soon,

Spring series, skin


        Hello everyone!! Isn’t this picture beautiful?! This is how is about to look here in Alaska.  Just breathtaking!!

  I wanted to start this post with this picture because it just represent and shows what I want to talk today, our most obvious and big organ, our skin!!  Like I said, coming out of winter, depending where you live your climate can differ, here in Alaska it’s warmer than usual, but I’m not complaining, I love it, but I also find it hard to get my skin moisturized enough and don’t be dry after a bit.  I suggest that you find:
1.  A great skin care line that works for you, cleanser, moisturizer, day solution and night solution. (I gotta tell you you won’t regret it)
2. A great body lotion.  Usually I buy body lotions for my specific skin type and they work wonders.  If you don’t know what kind of skin you have it’s pretty easy to find out, there are books about out or you can search in the computer.
3. Last but not least, drink plenty of water.  Also vegetables will help with this process, so remember to eat your vegetables, and plenty of water.

  I want to share some of the products and a “spring routine” that I personally use.  I always try to keep things simple but clean, in the sense that less is more.  I have heard countless professional makeup artist say:  “You don’t need tons of makeup to look your best, find the ones that go according to your skin color and eye color, the lips are gonna speak to you”.  And to be honest I live bg this.  I have never been a person that used a lot of makeup, God, I started using makeup at around 18 years old, and all I used was lipstick, no one told me I needed a routine to take care of my face or my skin for that matter, I kinda figured out as I go, so for this reason I say that I started using makeup at 26 or 27, and still after graduating and becoming a makeup artist, I don’t see need to “cake” your face.  Without further a do here is my ” spring guide” to beautiful skin.


  Always get a cc cream, the benefits are amaizing and you can do so much, besides you gonna look like you just got out of an spa, your face is gonna look so lifted and fresh, just like the air on this season.


Of course you want a little bit of color on your “not Sun kissed skin”, so that’s why I recommend a bronzer.  If you are not expert or go tanning like I am, this is the next step to it, you can get a bronzer anywhere.  How to pick the right one?! Easy, pick a light shade to try first, I do not want you to look like one of the cast from Jersey shore with the over tanning, so try that one first and then once you are confident try a more dark.


Colors, colors, and more colors!! You can tell I loooooooovvvve color.  This is just an example of colors, lip gloss, nail colors, eye moose colors and a face moisturizer (just in case things get a little too dry), also you can use this mist to spray on your body if you desire so.

So here you have it my guide to beautiful skin on spring, I hope you liked this post, leave me a comment on the section below and stay tuned for more sprintastic ideas.  Tomorrow’s post: “Get ready with me is date night spring”



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