My Favorite season is Spring!!

      Hello Everyone!!

   On today’s blog I want to talk about my favorite season of all SPRING!!   Why do I love spring, well because is a pre-game to summer.  Well I have to say that those of us that live where it takes us months in cold weather, we might be a little behind on this, but nevertheless I walk around and see color, patterns, flowers, and our days are less gray and more sunny.  So even though it might not be spring quite yet, that does not mean that we can’t go and browse around and get inspired by the colors that this season have to offer.

   Recently on my quest of looking for what the stores have to offer for this season I stopped at one of the local stores here in town, you might know this store and if you don’t I suggest you stop by, this store is Lulu e bebe here in Anchorage.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored or paid post by this establishment, I do my own research, I do have permission from the owner and staff to publish names and pictures.

  At Lulu e bebe, I had the pleasure  of chatting with Chloe, she showed me around and pointed out her favorite outfits for this season, we got lost talking about how trends have changed and proceed to talk to Lulu Roberts, Owner of Lulu e bebe, I love the color they chose for this season.  Here is some pictures and ideas for spring.

Collage 2017-02-13 20_41_29.jpg




Collage 2017-02-13 21_56_00.jpg

I truly love spring!! 

Spring reminds me that is a new year, a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, be the best you can be, do things that you didn’t know on doing, experiment with different things, try color.    The purpose of this blog is to help you find not just what is trendy but also make you want to take risks, life is all about those right!  As you can see I’m passionate about this season, no matter where you live, which country you are, be that one person that shine among the others.  

Also I want to tell you where to find good deals.  Currently Lulu e bebe has a buy one get one 75% off certain exclusions apply, go check them out, also most stores that I have visited have sales on shoes, which this is when I buy my shoes for the rest of the year, recently Target had a great sale on shoes, clothes and electronics, Khols also has great deals on men formal wear, casual and accessories.  I recommend that you always be on the lookout for deals but in my experience between the last week of January and the month of February stores always want to get rid off stuff from Christmas and valentines day, so keep on the look out, have your coupons ready and your apps sharp and happy shopping.

I hope you liked this post, I surely enjoyed it!! Also Stay tuned for our first giveaway coming soon, make sure you are subscribed to this blog and comment.  As always follow us on Facebook and twitter, share it with your friends and let us know how do you keep “Fabulous on a Budget.”

And remember ” Be fab without braking the bank!”


Penelope Santiago




“Not an ordinary Motherhood”

Written by:   Penelope Santiago.   Hello Everyone and welcome to another post.   Today I wanted to talk about a topic that we, and I include myself because of fear of judgement, not from anybody bu…

Source: “Not an ordinary Motherhood”

“Not an ordinary Motherhood”

Written by:  

Penelope Santiago.  

Hello Everyone and welcome to another post.  

Today I wanted to talk about a topic that we, and I include myself because of fear of judgement, not from anybody but from myself.  More than often we don’t think ourselves worthy of anything that makes us feel good, and preaching to the choir here when I say this, because “I’M A MOM!!”.   Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom but I just have a little bit of a trouble when others whisper about me, how I dress, or talk to my kids, etc., and I want to talk about hair.  Yes you read right!! HAIR!! the follicles that hang or in my case stick out of the top of my head.  What I want to say is that there’s no book, or say written on stone that say that motherhood has to be one way or the other, we are figuring this out as we go, so who are you to whisper or comment on something that I control?!   Not because I choose a color that is not “conventional” that doesn’t make me a “BAD MOM”, on the contraire  my dear friends that makes me a “COOL MOM”!! but let it show on the record, not the kind of “cool mom” like on “Mean Girls” ( wao that’s old school right there).  The reason I say this is because you can ask your kids what they think of you with purple hair, or emerald green hair, or blue, or heck if you want all colors do a rainbow and have silver hair, who cares?!!

I personally happen to know awesome ladies that doesn’t “fit” the profile, this woman are exceptional, and they have colored hair.  On the first pic: My friend Maria Hass, mother of 3, blogger, home-school mom and a singer, second pic: my friend Cassondra Sobrepenna, mother of 2,talented artist, also home-school mom, and teacher, third pic:  is me! I’m a mother of 2, blogger, homeschooler, and I have silver /gray hair, on the fourth pic: my friend Telie Lambert, mother of 4, homeschool mom, military wife.  There’s also other moms not mentioned here that posses many qualities and also “don’t fit the profile”, who says that being a mom has to be boring?, its a very fun exciting and unexpected job, so ladies let’s change the “stereotype”.  “Be UNIQUE!”


I decided to talk  about this topic after a friend went to get her hair done, and to be honest that it’s just a privilege to have time to ourselves, because moms are always busy, and we rather do something with the kids that think about us, so, my friend heard this lady say something about the color that my friend chose, and to be honest this lady should’ve just mind her business, why is it that we can’t do that?! instead of say:” Hey I think it’s a good choice you made!”, like I said before, motherhood is not define by a color or what you look on the outside, we don’t know anyone’s struggles or ordeals, how about we lift each other out, don’t we teach the kids:” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all?!”, how about we practice that!!

    You are Unique, You are Special, You are talented and have a unique hair color, so what?! 

The beauty of motherhood is not define by your hair color, or the clothes you wear, is the time you invest in that little one that God trusted you with, people are always gonna have something to say about everything.  I think it intimidates people know that you can be as beautiful, funny, intelligent, a mom and with awesome colored hair.  So be you, enjoy life and let people talk.  YOU ARE AWESOME, AND NOBODY HAS TIME FOR NEGATIVITY!!

This post was not your typical about fashion and where the deals are, those will come soon I promise, but for now I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.

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See you guys!!

“Be Fabulous without breaking the bank!”


See you later 2016!!

    Hi everyone!!  I just wanted to post one last time here.  No I’m not leaving the blogging world just yet, its that this year has been hard to keep up with.  I’m not gonna talk about politics or how messed up is this world right now, I’m referring to all the challenges that we encounter this year.  So far everyone that I have spoken to has have some sort of ordeal to overcome, so if that was you I understand!!  

So This year also good, I found great deals, did some other cool stuff, lost focus on many, but overall everyone is doing good and everyone is happy, which is the most important of all.

I’m gonna give you a piece of advice though, if in this year you  didn’t travel, or ate that cheesecake, guess what!! DO IT!! mind you if you are lactose intolerant or have any other conditions that prevent you from having that piece of heaven wrap out on sugary goodness then DON’T!! but what I mean is, LIVE!!! LIVE!!! Because you know what? when you are gone from this earth you cant take your car with ya, or your house, or your degree, so LIVE!!  that’s my word for you coming this 2017.  And hopefully you gonna see that reflected on me.  I plan on going to places and sharing them with you guys.

A big thank you for all your support, comments, and overall faithfulness to this amateur writer.  If you would’ve tell me that I was gonna go thru all that I did this year , I would’ve laugh at your face, but I’m also very adventurous person so I would’ve said: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!.”

So  I’m saying goodbye for now, see y’all in a year!! I mean in 2017!!


Penelope Santiago

💠💠 Is it too early to talk about spring❓❗💠💠

Hi everyone!!!!

As I the title states, is it too early to talk about one of the most amazing stations of the year?!!


   If you ask me, the answer is nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    I apologize for the long no, but I had to make a point here.  I 💜💛💚❤❤❤💙💚💛💜💜💞💞💞💞 (that means I love) this part of the year, because you can be the best version of yourself, or start, or keep going, and just feel energized!!

    The crisp air, the new flowers going or starting to peak thru, and the chance to fresh it up your wardrobe and as I mentioned yourself!! I took the liberty and took a look in Pinterest to browse around to see what me the trends will be for spring 2016, I didn’t see anything different than the normal colors, the floral, the pastels, etc, so here is a few pics of what the trends should be.


                 And here at my picks





     As I will always suggest, before you go and spend money into a new wardrobe, look I’m your closet and take a look, bring up those colors and get some statement pieces and welcome SPRING!!

     Hopefully I’ll be out and checking out the local stores to see what they have for spring, and hopefully get some new ideas!!

    See you guys next time, Ciao.


Be fabulous!!



     Hi everyone!! It seems like yesterday that I posted something, but a lot has been happening, from planning future changes, to dealing with no motivation to go and do the things I like, but I’m not here to bored you with my mommy life, I felt the need to let you know that I’m still HERE!!

    So this post is not about where you can get deals or what is hot right now on the catwalk, no this will be more me, more let’s start from zero kind of a deal, what is the direction of this blog at the moment.  I know a little while ago I had posted that things are gonna change and be different, yes this still happening but in a different direction, so I appreciate your patience and support very much, also I’m gonna start writing in Spanish (yay!!) So I hope this cross over is for the good, so I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings regarding this bloody blog!!

Have an awesome day!!