“Kids fashion spring edition”


   Hi everyone!! I wanted to start this blog with a picture of my 2 little gifts from God.  She is my daughter Nellibeth 5, and he is Lucas almost 3, and they are the reason I decided to dedicate a whole blog to the little ones.

    Let us begin!!   I would like to say that as a mother of 2 kids very different in everything, it can be a little challenging for me to get this kids coordinated or at least on the same page, they have their own opinions on clothing, kids watch closely your choices, I have faced this reality by the way my daughter measures herself, it’s a good thing and a bad (kinda) because what you wear can define her/him or they.  Parents be careful around your kids, they are watching you closer than you think, it’s a huge responsibility that God has commanded us with, be wise!!

     With this being said, here is my recommendation for your little ones, I apologize in advance, I just found one picture for the boys, I’ll promise another blog will come on this regard.  So without further ado here is. First of girls!!


         Aren’t this just amazingly cute?!!

               Introducing boys!!!!


**Disclaimer:** this are clothes that I will buy for my kids, meaning that this is the style I like to see on them, I love to see kids dress as such not like adults, but if that’s your style is cool too. 

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