Beautiful Saturday

Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a good and restful day.  It is very sunny, after almost 2 weeks of rain and not so great weather, today is just perfect, so we packet up the kids and decided to be outdoors!!

     Alaska is beautiful year round but, it sure has the most amazing sight scenery that you can find right in your backyard!!
   Here are some pictures I took.



  Isn’t this view amazing?!. And before I go, I have to say that I didn’t spend much money, this was at a public park, we brough out some games, which you can probably find in stores for a few bucks, my faves are Target, Fred Meyers and Michael’s.

     My ideas were:
1. Sand buckets $1.00 at target
2. Bouncy ball $2.50 at Fred Meyers

  I didn’t want to go without telling you how to have fun on a budget, after all this blog is about that.!!

   So get out there and look around, enjoy, you might been missing out on stuff by over thinking it, remember you don’t need much to have fun!!

See you soon!!