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     Hi everyone!! Has been a long time since I posted something, so I’ll catch you up with what has been happening in the past few months!!

   After entering fall ( which is by the way my favorite season), I started to work part time, I got disconnected with you guys and also with my investigative missions of where and how to get the best deals, but like the Bible verse says:” There’s time for everything”.  Even though I didn’t understand this at the moment I just went with the flow, homeschooling, going to work, trying to survive, at times I’m not gonna lie I felt a little lost, but thank God for his word, friends, fellow bloggers, and also inspiration, God has a way to communicate with us when we are ” in the valley of shadow of death” that just don’t let us fall in our face, so in the mist of all that I have met some amazing people that are God sent, I resume my crafting, I started to sell custom jewelry to people that go to my job, and it has been nothing but amazing. 


     This is my Etsy store, I’ll link the store at the end.


Here is a picture of a custom job I did for a customer.

     The rush and the trilled that I feel when inspiration hits is beyond awesome.  Also I had this feeling of “follow your heart” and I did, after praying and God just send me more designs, I opened my first online store, as in right now I’m I’m the process of getting everything together with my other talents and just work, serve and love God, I’m gonna lay it all on Him and He will do as he pleases.  Also I’m happy to announce that this blog will be also in Spanish!! Yay!! Has been on my heart for quite some time so I’m gonna give it a go.

     We did have a great thanksgiving, black Friday was OK (I went and took advantage and did some retail for my crafting, so it was a win).  Since cyber Monday is tomorrow or in a few hours, go visit my store and get all the necklaces just $10, I will do my best to get them to you by Christmas!!
Here is my shop link:

  Thank you so much for your support, it really means a lot, also follow me on facebook: https://m.facebook.com/befabulousonabudget7/ , on twitter: http://Check out beyour@wesomeself (@fabonabudget7): https://twitter.com/fabonabudget7?s=09.

    Have a great night!! Ciao


Be fabulous!!


“One defying moment”


   Hi everyone!!!!  On today’s blog, we are not gonna talk about deals, fashion, trends, etc, we gonna get personal.  You will ask what am I talking about?! I’ll explain, I was given the opportunity to share today on a” blog party”, and the host asked for an specific topic which is” One defying moment”, so this blog I’m gonna share which one was it for me.

  2006 was a year that started a little rough for me, but I didn’t know that everything would work put for the better just a few short months down the road, I come from an island, and for us is a little more difficult to get certain things, I was struggling at college because of funds and to be honest that last semester I thought it was it for me, without a job or the funds to finish my career I decided that I was gonna call it quits instill I could find a job to keep on going, but God never sees to amaze me, so right at the middle of my 3rd semester, we got a visitor, a family friend, more like my brother’s classmate, she had recently got an amazing opportunity to travel to the USA, as an student and found a job, so as I listen to their conversation, I got the idea of asking her if I could apply, but then I thought “no this opportunity is for him” , but I saw that he was not interested, so I took the bold decision on asking her, just like Jacob did to Esau (just in this case I’m the oldest and my brother rejected the older), So after getting the info I went ahead and all that was requested from me, but at some point I stoped and asked myself “is this what you really want? !”,  “how about your carrer?”  “Your family, the church? “, all very valid questions but at the sane time I looked back and say”  there’s nothing for me here, I almost finished my semester and after that, what?! I haven’t found a job to even help me!!!” So was at that point that I was 100% on board with the changes that waited me in this great land.  So I pack up one carry on and a back pack, and took my chances, besides God has my back!! I took a leap of faith, like Abraham, he left everything and trusted God on hid life, so did I, and I haven’t regret it.  Just a few short years after being here I met my husband and now we are married for 6 years, 2 kids, and a lot of dreams. 

  Just to conclude and wrap this up, I wish this has been helpful and encouraging to your life, trust God, listen to his voice, maybe you are going true a very difficult, dark, maybe don’t see that there’s anywhere to turn, but I’m telling you for experience: “He’s got you!!.”

  I hope that God has spoken to your life thru this words, have an amazing day, and see you next time.