🎉🎊🌟Shockwave is here🌟🎊🎉

Hi everyone!! Is been a minute since I posted something here, but in this edition of “be fabulous on a budget” we are gonna talk about a new indoor park called: Shockwave trampoline park.

     I’m personally very excited for this, because being a mom, sometimes you don’t know what or where to take the kids so we can have a “break” from the day to day life.  This will be the first time I taking the kids and to be honest I’m very excited,  I think they are gonna enjoy it to the max.   The activities they have set up even I want to do them, hey and who says I can’t, aren’t we all kids after all?! I think some of you will agree with me.  So this weekend go and check out Shockwave trampoline park, bring the kids or yourself and enjoy some good old jumping.

    I personally think they have really affordable prices for the family.  Prices are:

$14.00 for the first hour and $10.00 for any additional hour, and $2.00 for shockwave socks.

    Shockwave trampoline park is scheduled to be open this weekend, they are doing a soft opening tomorrow saturday July 30, but regular hours will be:

Monday to Thursday  (summer time): 11am to 10pm

Friday: 11am to midnight 

Saturday : 10am to midnight 

Sunday: 10am to 8pm

   For more information on any activity, parties, birthdays, etc, make sure to like their Facebook, Instagram, twitter and snapchat,https://m.facebook.com/shockwaveparks/.

     All I have left to say in this post is: “LET THE FUN BEGIN!!”.

     As always thank you for reading.   Like, share and comment on this post. 

  See you next time!!



💲💲 It is time to save💲💲

              Hi everyone!! In today’s blog we are gonna talk about: saving, and where to get the most for your money. 

     So let’s get right on it, shall we!!
It is January, the only (at least for yours truly) month in the year where I see myself being super, extra, megaultra cautious about how I spend every single dollar, so today I’m gonna tell you couple of experiences I had in the past 2 weeks.

Any of the places here mention has either paid or sponsor this blog, I’m just writing about my personal experience. 

     So let’s start with Aeropostale.  I’m gonna be honest right here, I always misjudge this store, the reason being is because I always saw their clothing targeted to certain “body type”, but one good day I was just at the mall and saw the sign:”70% on the whole store”, of course my eyes went


So I proceeded to say:” hey let me see what they have, worse case scenario I just don’t buy anything”, and boy I was wrong, they had a huge selection of items discounted, plus on top of the discount you will get a 30% off.  I personally have been going to this particular store for about 2 years, and has been at the same time of the year: JANUARY!!

     That brings me to my other point, THE SAVINGS!!

I love a bargain, but I have learned that there are specific times in the year where you can get items very, very, low price.  It is the case of this month.  Every mayor retailer, has some sort of clearance going on, the reason, Christmas season is over, and there’s returns, and too much stuff that needs to go, so I suggest that you look around your house and stock for the year or at least for next winter.  How I personally shop this time around, is, I try to find unique pieces that are or could be timeless, for example: if you live in a cold weather place, get all the necessary equipment (this means sweater’s, boots, bottoms, jackets etc).  Usually even places like Costco and Sam’s club have this items very cheap even in December, true story, I got my daughter a pair of snow pants from $40 to $6.45.  So be wise, make a list and HAPPY SHOPPING!!

     Now if we are looking for something different and unique I will recommend you look in your area local shops.  Sometimes we see them and just loom and wonder, but never stop, so I will suggest that you look them up, we live in a technologic era, look them on facebook, IG, twitter, etc,  and see what kind of deals they have.  This us how I found my next mention:


       I saw their add on facebook a out a 75% sale, so I couldn’t go the day I wanted but, I gotta tell you guys was worth my while, it excited my spectations to the max.  Excellent lay out, everything very pleasing to your eye, the staff was very friendly and sharp, overall a great experience.   I’m a fast shopper, I know what I’m targeted to get, I get it and go, but I couldn’t help myself and wonder for a little bit, it was worth it, even though I miss the sale on the boots but is ok, another time.  I had the pleasure to speak with the owner and she is just a doll, it was a true honor to talk to someone with such passion.

   At Lulu I found 3 pieces that now form part of my new wardrobe.




I purchased all the tops show on this pictures, this one’s are just some ideas that I have come up with. I have to say I looooooovvvveeeeee my “wild and free” sweater, is very comfortable and you can pair it with anything.

   I have to thank Aeropostale & Lulu e bebe for a wonderful experience. If you will like to go and check out Lulu e bebe, here is the address:


Trust me you are going to love it!!

       Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I’ll see you guys soon with another adventure!!

Remember: “Let’s be fab without braking the bank!”


Be fabulous!!

The reason I got rid of my clothes


     Hi everyone! ! I hope you had a great end of 2015 and an amazing start of 2016.  So I’m gonna start by apologizing for taking so long on posting, I have been very busy, sometimes lazy,  etc, so I just decided today without thinking it too much to write, while my kids are working on teaching each other,  momma writes.  So here is part of what it supposed to be publish months ago.

      You might be wondering why the tittle of this blog, and there is a reason why one good day I decided to just simply throw away my closet.   Well a little bit ago a good friend of mine posted about this topic from a blog post, I read it, though about it, and it just clicked.  I have to say that I didn’t throw away my clothes like a crazy person, no, what I did was what the blogger recommend it, go thru your closet and pick outfits that are confortable,  easy to put together and look good, so based on those guidelines I went in my quest.  The reason I called it a quest is because when I looked at my closet it was full of stuff I have not wear in years, I had clothes from when I got married!!  That is insane!! So when I saw that I said:”Oh no, this stops today!!”

       Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself,  I’ve been married for almost 7 years, I was thin, about a size 6 to 8, the reason why I’m sharing this is because I found clothes that size on my closet, so that says a lot, that means that for all those years I’ve been collecting, hoarding(at some point), all of that, and it was not figuratively it was literally,  I had that much stuff stored.  So the day I took all of those clothes I felt good, I felt new, free, in a way that I have never experienced before.  I saw clothes I thought I didn’t have anymore, so I picked my clothes based on this criteria:

I have no background on fashion, I’m just a fashion afficionado, and the techniques that I used was the ones that work for me.  Feel free to take them as your own if you think it suits you.

1.  Practicality
     I kept about 6 to 9 pairs of jeans, 2 colored, 5 long, 2 shorts (for        summer), some so must of my  jeans varies from light to dark denim

2.  Flexibility and confort
     In this category I put together shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry.  I kept it simple but elegant, I have shirts for summer, fall and winter,  summer dresses, shoes for those stations of the year and jewelry that can be both simple but also bold. 

    So after alllllllll of this I have aproximately 10 to 20 outfits to choose from (that means top to bottom, jewelry,  2 piece clothing and shoes), and it is amazing! !   But you might be wondering:” but by you having a blog about deals, clothing, etc,  isn’t it a temptation for you to go buy more?!”  Well my friends I have a very good answer for that :” NO! !” Because I just simply don’t need to, once you see, live, and embrace the new you, you will see it and you won’t give in to temptation,  I have prove it myself,  but that’s another post.

                  Here is a pic of what I’m talking about.


     I just have to say that I feel really good, and that also hope that this had help you to understand that sometimes you don’t have to go far to feel good, renewed and refreshed,  sometimes all you have to do it look in your closet and let go to things from the past so you can move forward.

See you guys soon, don’t forget to comment and share, like us on Facebook and Twitter.


🕛 Todo tiene su tiempo🕛

    Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi primer blog en Español.  Me introduzco, mi nombre es Penélope, soy una madre, esposa, maquillista profesional que vive en Alaska.  Dominicana de nacionalidad, ya llevo varios años en los Estados Unidos, mi blog se llama: “Como ser fabulosa en presupuesto”.  La razón por la que empecé a redactar mis historias y mis métodos fue por demanda, muchas de mis amigas siempre me dicen:” oye que bien te vistes” o “donde compras?”, y la pregunta que nunca falta:” cuanto te costó?”, cuando les digo cuanto gasto no me lo creen, pero les aseguro que se puede, pues por esta razón nació:” Como ser fabulosa en presupuesto”.

     Muchos de ustedes me siguen en otros países como México y España, y desde hacía ya tiempo quería hacer un artículo en español, y el momento llegó!!


     Este blog, es dedicado a consejos en varios aspectos de la vida, espiritual, mental, motivacional, como encontrar y buscar descuentos, etc. 

    Esto es todo por el momento, espero que me sigan en mis redes sociales, facebook: https://m.facebook.com/befabulousonabudget7/, en Twitter: http://Check out beyour@wesomeself (@fabonabudget7): https://twitter.com/fabonabudget7?s=09

   Hasta pronto, Ciao!!


Be fabulous!!

It has been a great summer!!

Hello everyone!! It has been a long, beautiful, blessed summer.   We had the opportunity to travel, see different things, check out different shopping spots, save some $$$ that is always a plus.  But let’s get on it, in our travel I read on another blog about authenticity on certain brands of you are on a budget so you don’t get ripped off, one day after reading this article got me curious and I put this theory to test at one of this stores.  In our visit to Chicago, we visited Michigan city outlet malls, I was very impressed, I have visited other malls through America, and this one was very complete for my taste, so going back to the article, in this article (and I apologize I didn’t save it so I could share the source), the writer is a fashion guru, and she said that in her experience writing and comparing brands for over 20 years there are a lot of things that she was not impressed, one of them being the so called “Outlet stores” this called my attention very much, tgdvreason being is that where I live seems we are getting more and more stores bit one of this stores is an actual “Outlet”, to honest I was intrigued and I wanted to go, but I don’t even go to their regular priced store, not because I don’t like the store is that I never seem to find anything I like and it’s way overpriced, so after reading that this particular “Outlet store” has a discounted line that they make exclusively for this store, it lost my respect, you do what is necessary but, I felt that it was false advertising, in the sense that people go to this outlets to buy what it wasn’t sold from last collection, or is out of style, but to rip you out like that is not cool, but nevertheless, I went and checked other store that she did mentioned, this one being coach, she said and I quote:” from all the stores that I have seen that does not do a “discounted line” is coach, I’d just too expensive for them to do that, so when you are getting something from their “outlet” is real”, I did try this, I went to them first loved the store, the team, they loved on us so much that it was unbelievable, I also went to MK, all I’m gonna say was that the quality was not good at all, price was not worth it, the clothes were ok, but nothing that I can’t get anywhere else way cheaper, so with that being said I proof by myself her theory, I got myself 2 beautiful purses with endless uses for half of the price I would’ve paid here in my town and I paid taxes on it, so I was very impressed!!


This is the store.


Another picture.


And this is what I got from the store @coach.

So overall I was very happy with all the shopping I did, we created memories, met awesome people, and also met my first fan, she is a gorgeous mother of 2 beautiful kids, we talked so much and thanks to her I’m gonna keep on going, it is very rewarding when you can help someone even if it’s just a little bit, her name is Mary Santiago, from Indiana, kisses and hugs for you sweetie, thank you!!

Well I just wanted to sum my summer in one post since it took me forever to write about it, so enjoy your night and God bless you!!

Remember stay Fabulous.

Ciao, Penelope

Be fabulous!!


befabulousonabudget7's Blog


     Hi everyone!! It seems like yesterday that I posted something, but a lot has been happening, from planning future changes, to dealing with no motivation to go and do the things I like, but I’m not here to bored you with my mommy life, I felt the need to let you know that I’m still HERE!!

    So this post is not about where you can get deals or what is hot right now on the catwalk, no this will be more me, more let’s start from zero kind of a deal, what is the direction of this blog at the moment.  I know a little while ago I had posted that things are gonna change and be different, yes this still happening but in a different direction, so I appreciate your patience and support very much, also I’m gonna start writing in Spanish (yay!!) So I hope this…

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